• di-ˈstrakt

    transitive verb: to cause (someone) to stop thinking about or paying attention to someone or something and to pay attention to…YOU.

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Beyond Engaging.

Distractive Media enables a new dynamic marketing ecosystem to create intelligent consumer connections and enhanced brand experiences via smart mobile devices in virtually any environment. ​


The mobile environment ushers in a new era for brand engagements with targeted consumers. In a growing sea of competitors vying for attention Distractive helps your brand stand out.


Your proximity marketing solution should do more than simply push a coupon. Give them brand experiences they’ll act on… and want to tell everyone they know about it.​


Micro-location technologies enable timely and relevant marketing offers. Distractive’s unique platform and architecture make these offers more actionable than ever. And isn’t action what you want? ​


Want to be the smartest brand in the room? Then you need the right analytics! Distractive’s custom solutions ensure you get the right mix to drive sales, increase brand equity and maximize campaign ROI. ​